If compiling from a release source tarball you need a recent version of the GCC compiler (g++ version >= 4.7) and other essential tools for compilation (GNU make, ar, etc. Install build-essential on Debian or Ubuntu derivatives). Additional requirements are needed to compile the SWIG script bindings. See the SWIG installation guide.

Compilation & Installation

To compile and install:

./configure --prefix=/path/to/installation make make install

If --prefix is omitted, the software is installed in /usr/local. One may need sudo make install if installing in a system location.

Software Requirements

The MUMmer4.x package requires the following to run successfully. In the absence of one or more of these utilities, certain MUMmer programs may fail to run correctly. In parenthesis the minimum version. These utilities must be accessible via the system path:

  • perl5 (5.6.0)
  • sh
  • sed
  • awk

  • Optional: To use the visualization tools included with MUMmer, it may be necessary to install the following utilities:

  • fig2dev (3.2.3)
  • gnuplot (4.0)
  • xfig (3.2)
  • Uninstallation

    In the "MUMmer4.x" base directory type:

    make uninstall